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time to say bye to an old friend

I'm leaving blogger, don't get me wrong I love the site. Reian's World flourished to 10k views and some internet credit. I need to upgrade, and since I'm trying to be all professional and brushing up with new technologies and new art styles with design and updates. I've switched over to wordpress http://reichub.wordpress.com is my new current (currently updating blog) don't worry I won't slack off as much this time.

thank you blogger for publishing my 120 posts for 5 years. I am forever in your debt, and thanks blogs.ph for letting Reian's World peak at #50 best for my Ondoy posts. No, I don't like tumbler I'm a traditional Blogger so word press is just right for me. When i get my next paycheck I'll start getting my domain. See ya then.

new site

I'm helping out at the plant. so about damn time i built up  my portfolio and started doing more stuff....well here ya go clean leaf....my attempt on making you web-known

clean leaf site

Here' we be headed...

Alot of things happening lately, poker nights and massive fights, being all fit and slugging it out with the best. You be designing the best life scheme and try to experience greatness. ok weight update....started the week at 205....now it be ending 189....big improvement...eat a little workout hard...i dunno if i be measuring my body fat...some people tell me i should switch to tumblr for my blog...i might do just that i suppose or make this one really epic...

you havent been around lately?

Blogs.ph rank dropped down massively lately, actually I haven't peaked at least a 200 since the ondoy posts...why? Simple, been working on my I.T skills and...working out massively, I try to hit the gym everyday, I'm back in shape as I was earlier this year before the major "party mode" kicked in. So here's the deal, this blog is gonna get more personal in the coming months, I'll be keeping an online track on my weight and body fat..weight a weekly basis, body fat hopefully once a month. Late October was when I started religiously working out. I started with a weight of 215 lbs. Yesterday after sweating and all the weight lifting...i weighed 198lbs...not bad right?...I'll take a picture weekly too...and if I'm not too embarrassed I'll post it up here...wish me luck..

artistic boredom

i was bored here are my new sigs and avi for some forum





Filipino Time

November is a time for holiday-themed houses, holiday movies, Undas, Bonifacio Day, and Christmas shopping however, not many people know that November is actually a special month. On October 8, 2008 Gloria Macapagal Arroyo issued Proclamation No. 1638, declaring that November as the National Consciousness Month for Punctuality and Civility as advised by the Organized Response for the Advancement of Society, Inc. (ORAS)

Ponder on the bold and italic texts once more. Punctuality, a strict observance in keeping engagements; promptness. That is a quality not all Filipinos have. Ask a friend, "Pare what time ka darating?", he'll probably answer,"Siguro mga 8 or 9am". See? You must know what I mean right? Saying "mga" before a given time, what does that really mean? You'll get there 5 minutes late? 10 minutes late? 20 minutes late? You can arrive a minute before the hour for all I care, no sense of clarity, absolutely not punctual.  

I have a friend that scheduled a basketball game at 7pm, he told us that the schedule was 6pm just so that people wouldn't be late. What kind of people are we to have to be tricked into arriving early? It's a mentality that is clear within our culture, think about it; crowded commutes during rush hour, concerts that start 2 hours later than the given time, people rushing and pushing to get into LRT/MRT trains because everyone's late. We can't always blame traffic on our way to work or school that's a given.

Filipino time, a label that has been given to every single one of us. When I was growing up in the states, dad used to joke around what time my aunt would come, "Filipino time? or American time?" (If you were going to ask, my dad is American) I used to wonder what that meant now as an adult, I understand it completely. We need to develop a respect for time, as apart of our lives and a part of business. Think about highly developed countries, think of a characteristic they have in common. Punctuality, and a discipline to uphold that, every movement is precise and systematic, every minute is efficient and productive. If every Filipino would get this into their system a better Philippines would be over the horizon.

Lets practice this kind of mentality even if it's just for November, try waking up earlier to beat morning traffic, lets be all precise and get to where we are going on time. Lets respect time in our lives and in a business sense. Don't realize this fact before your time runs out.